Business Object Relationship Model - BORM technical details

Peoplesoft Customer Relationship Management - CRM
Customer Data Model/ BORM Tables - Transaction Data:

All the BOs are stored in this table irrespective of their roles,relationships

Name for any BO can be queried here

CRM role for different Business objects (BO).e.g. Role Type 1 represents BO of type 'Person'Role Type 4 represents BO of type 'Worker'Role Type 8 represents BO of type 'Customer contact'

This table stores the relationship between different BOs
It also store the role each BO is going to have in each relationship typee.g. Relationship Type 10 represents customer(Role 2) and customer contact(Role 8) relationshipRelationship Type 9 represents customer(Role 2) and customer Primary contact(Role 8) relationship

Store the customer details like start date, status date.

This table stores the relationship between BO_ID and CM_ID. BO can have any number of contact methods like e-mail, Address, Phone - These are called Contact Method Types
Each contact mehotd may have different purpose types like Home,Business,Fax,Mobile are different purpose types under "Phone"
Actual values for the contact method purpose type is stored in the PS_CM table. This does not have BO_ID, only CM_ID

Customer Data Model/ BORM Tables - Master or Setup Data:

BORM relationships

This has high level identifier "Category" for grouping different relationship types together.This is an important table which is used in some delivered SQL views

BORM Roles like 1 for 'Person' , 4 for 'Worker', 17 for Account contact

PS_CM_TYPEContact Typese.g. Address/Phone/E-mail

PS_CM_PURP_TYPEe.g. Home/Business/Fax under CM_TYPE Phone


  1. The BORM Model relates states inside objects to the communications and sequencing. So you need for each Business Object a state/role and the the transition entity that causes a new state/role to be assumed.

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  3. What driver we use for business objects universe connection on peoplesoft project